Happy 4 of July, you ‘Mericans!

Finishing the week strong, after a very slow start…

Has anybody else come down with this dirty summer cold that’s been floating around the city?? I’ve missed so many training sessions this week. Today is my first day back, and I’m trying to condense the muscle groups that were missed in the past 4 days or so into today and tomorrow’s routine. It felt good to rest a few days, the cold really knocked me on my ass.

It actually feels nice to switch it up a bit from my typical training style of 2 muscle groups per day, superset with one another (mostly to save me time in the morning in an attempt to get to work on time! 😉 ).

July 4 


Wide grip pullups, 4 x exhaustion
Bench press, 4×20
Lat Pulldown Machine, 3×12
Incline press, 3×12
Pushups, 3 x exhaustion

Barbell curls, 4×20
Skullcrushers, 4×20
Alternating dumbell curls, 3 x exhaustion
Dips, 3 x exhaustion
Cable curls (bar), 3×12

July 5


Leg press, 4×20
Lower Back Extension, 4×20
Glute kickback, 3x12ea
Decline bench dumbell pullovers, 3×12
Hamstring curl, 3x12ea

Cable crunch, 4×20
Smith shoulder press (heavy), 4×6
Hanging wipers, 3×15
Double cable lateral raise, 3x12ea
Decline bench swiss ball swing, 3×25

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